Where it all began to now...

Hello and welcome to my first blog for Growing Interiors!

The idea for our business started when we were renting a small flat in Surrey. I just had my daughter and our debt was mounting. We kind of thought the business was a pipe dream that wouldn't be attainable. 

We decided to make the big move to Somerset, to start to clear our debt and possibly buy a house one day. Just over three years ago we made the scary journey. Packed up the car and van, our baby strapped in for the big move. We didn't know anyone in the area so this was really going to make or break us. As soon as we put the keys in the door, I just knew we were doing the right thing. I felt alive!

Last summer we were finally in the position where we could buy our first home. I went to see it and put the offer in before Ben had even seen it. Risky move! The house had a strong musty smell, and work was needed literally everywhere. But it had so much potential (plus it was the only property on the market in our budget!) 

Nearly a year on, we have plastered every room, damp proofed the property, rewired electrics, laid actual flooring, decorated, made bespoke storage - all the walls and wonky. We did it, we are home!

We are now very lucky to have a workshop in our garden. Everything we sell is handcrafted right here in our Somerset home. We take so much time and pride in every piece we make. 

As well as selling online we have just set up in the Yeovil Emporium. It feels like such an honour to sell our products along side these other small businesses, which probably all started around their kitchen tables too! 

Every time someone spends their money they are voting on the kind of world they want to live in. When someone supports a small business they are directly supporting local families and their dreams, so thank you for helping us make our dreams come true.