David Bowie, We can be heroes, pocket love
David Bowie, We can be heroes, pocket love
David Bowie, We can be heroes, pocket love
David Bowie, We can be heroes, pocket love
David Bowie, We can be heroes, pocket love

David Bowie, We can be heroes, pocket love

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I grew up listening to David Bowie. We can be heroes is one of my favourites, but there are so many to choose from! Now my 4 year old daughter is growing up listening to Bowies incredible music too.

These delightful, one-of-a-kind personalised heart love tokens are designed to be given to loved ones, friends or family to remind them they can count on your love, strength and support. Small enough to carry in your pocket or bag, they're also lovely to keep on display at home, or in the office.

These personal gifts make great stocking fillers at Christmas and are fantastic for giving on anniversaries and Valentine's day. They're also perfect for when the person you care most about, is feeling a little down, or fed up and just needs a reminder that they aren't alone. Sometimes that Fierce friend just needs that reminder of what a hero they are.

The handcrafted, felt heart token is available in an array of colours and is individually cut out, lightly stuffed and hand sewn and embroidered by me. Measuring 5cm tall x 6cm wide, the heart features 'WE CAN BE HEROES' embroidered in the centre. You can select the colour of the heart and zigzag making this a truly unique and personal keepsake.

You can Choose from:

• 5cm tall x 6cm wide, felt heart love token.
• Lightly stuffed, hand sewn felt heart.
• Choose from an array of colours for the heart.
• Perfect stocking fillers and as gifts for anniversaries and Valentine's Day.

Choosing your Colours:
please message me when you order with your heart colour choice and zigzag colour choice:

1. White
2. Pale Peach
3. Pale Pink
4. Red
6. Yellow
7. Raspberry
8. Pale purple
9. Dark purple
10. Teal
11. Apple green
12. Emerald green
13. Pale blue
14 Royal blue
15 Brown
16 Grey
17. Black

How to Order:
• Select the pocket love slogan. Message me with heart colours when you order.
• This product is bespoke to you and is hand made by me, so it can take up to 3-5 days to complete.

Thank you very much for viewing my item and if you have any special requests, questions or queries, please feel free to contact me via messages.
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